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Blood Sorrel

Rumex sanguineus

Native to most of Europe and some of Asia and North Africa, "Goth Sorrel" as we affectionately call it, is related to the common Sorrel Rumex acetosa but with beautiful red veins throughout its vibrant green leaves, hence its other common name: Red Veined Sorrel.


It is a deep-rooted perennial vegetable growing to approximately 60cm high, with edible leaves which have a distinct lemony flavour. New leaves taste the best as older leaves can become bitter. It contains considerable amounts of vitamin C and carotene, however like many other leafy greens Blood Sorrel contains oxalic acid so it should not be consumed raw in large quantities.

Blood Sorrel stays in leaf all year round in warmer regions but growth will slow during cold weather. Can handle frosts and will grow throughout Aotearoa.

A plant that requires little maintenance, although trimming older leaves and preventing flowering will help keep plants vigorous and producing new leaves. It can handle heavy, wet soil and has low fertiliser needs, but doesn’t grow well in very dry conditions. Many viable seeds are produced so self-seeding may occur.


Blood sorrel can grow in full sun and partial shade so it is a good plant for the understorey of a food forest or the border of a perennial vegetable bed.

Size: 10cm Pot

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