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Capuli Cherry

Prunus salicifolia

A fast growing, hardy, semi-deciduous tree native to both North and South America, closely related to European cherries. It is well suited to the North in that it does not have a chill requirement, so will produce fruit reliably despite our warmer winters.

The fruit are slightly smaller than European cherries and the flavour can be somewhat variable, but a good tree produces prolific quantities of fruit that are sweet and delicious.

Capuli Cherry grows fast and can produce fruit from its second year, so it is a great tree to plant in a new food forest to shelter other plants and provide an early harvest. 

Capuli Cherry is frost hardy, and can tolerate dry soils, but prefers a hot, sunny spot with good soil for the fruit to ripen well. It is self fertile. It can grow to 20m in height so prune back the vigorous growth regularly for ease of harvest.


Size: 1.3L

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