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Chilean Guava

Ugni molinae

Native to Chile and Argentina, Chilean Guava is a small bushy shrub growing to 2m over time, but easily kept at less than 1m high.


The prolific fruits are small and bright red, have a sweet, aromatic flavor and are delicious. Fruits are often produced in the first year.


Chilean Guava is drought tolerant and will grow and fruit well on free draining soil, but it will also tolerate boggy soils and high acidity, and it is an organism of interest in Southland due to its frost tolerance and ability to grow in peat soils in the region. It can also handle windy and coastal conditions. A plant that will thrive nationwide.


Chilean Guava can grow and fruit well in full sun or part shade, so a good plant for the windy side of an orchard, as a hedge, or in the understorey of a food forest.

Size: 1L

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