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Plinia cauliflora

A slow growing tree native to Brazil, eventually reaching 5m over many years. It is also known as the Brazilian Grape.

The fruit form in clusters directly on the trunk and fruiting can occur multiple times in a season provided enough soil moisture is present. In the tropics they can fruit 5-6 times in one year.

It prefers moist, slightly acidic soil, although it will grow well in most soil types. It can handle light frosts so it can be grown further south than many other subtropical fruits.

It can grow in full sun but does best in dappled shade. This, coupled with its small stature and slow growth makes it a fantastic plant for the understorey of a food forest. It can also grow and fruit well in a large pot or grow-bag due to its shallow and fibrous root system.

The fruit is typically 2-3cm diameter and has a thick skin which encases pinkish white jelly-like flesh. Fruiting can potentially take 10+ years to begin but they are absolutely delicious and well worth the wait.

Size: PB2

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