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Japanese Wineberry

Rubus phoenicolasius

An Asian species of berry in the Rubus genus that grows well in the North. It is a large, attractive and bushy shrub, with small thorns which are much softer than other Rubus species. It has small tasty berries, similar to a sweet raspberry or blackberry but with its own unique flavour. It fruits prolifically in summer and is our favourite out of all the Rubus berries.


It is a low maintenance plant, tolerant of most soil types. It is self fertile and can handle full sun or part shade. It is fast growing and can fruit in it's second year. Fruiting occurs on last year's wood, so manage Japanese Wineberries like you would other berry fruit, cutting out old canes once they have fruited.


It does not usually require support but tips will root if allowed to touch the ground, and it may be spread by birds in colder regions of the country.

Unlike other berry fruits with high chill requirements, Japanese Wineberries fruit well in the North, but can also handle sub zero temperatures so will grow throughout the country. A great plant for the home garden.

Size: 1.3L

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