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Kei Apple

Dovyalis caffra

A small tree native to the Kei River area of South Africa growing to about 3 metres over a number of years, but easily maintained as a shrub or hedge. Plants can be either male or female, and both are needed for pollination. Ours are grown from seed and we recommend planting 3 - 5 to have a good chance of having both sexes. 


They are an easy care plant, being salt, drought and wind tolerant, and not needing much in the way of fertilizer. They are tolerant of most soil types too, and can handle full sun or part shade. They prefer warm conditions, but can tolerate light frosts. Kei apples have large 4cm long thorns which make them an excellent hedge plant for controlling stock, but care should be taken when choosing a location when planting them in a food forest or home garden situation.


The bright yellow fruit are around 4cm across and have soft, juicy flesh and are quite acidic. If left to ripen for a few days after harvesting they become sweeter. A sprinkling of sugar can compliment the natural acidic flavour. Fruit are produced in abundance over summer, and trees should start bearing in 3-4 years.


Size: 1.3L

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