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Myoga Ginger

Zingiber mioga

Myoga is a deciduous, herbaceous perennial that dies down in the cold weather, and emerges from its underground rhizomes again in spring to form lush foliage. Around early summer it begins to flower at ground level, with fleshy buds that grow separate from the stems and produce delicate, orchid-like blooms.


The shoots and flower buds are the edible part of the plant, not the roots, and have a flavour similar to regular ginger. They can be eaten raw, sautéed, or cooked into meals.


It is easy to grow and very productive. This plant prefers the damp and semi-shade and grows very well in these conditions. It is native to Korea and Japan and does not set fruit or seed in NZ. As it is relatively new here there do not appear to be at this point many pests or diseases that affect it. A great plant for the understorey in a food forest.


Size: 1.3L

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