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Oakleaf Papaya

Vasconcellea quercifolia

Native to South America, Oakleaf Papaya is a small, deciduous, fast growing tree reaching 4-6 metres in height.


The fruit ripens in early winter, and it's best to wait until they turn bright orange and become soft to the touch before harvesting to achieve the best flavour. The fruit are small, about the size of a large table grape and can be eaten skin and all. They are sweeter than Mountain Papaya with a richer flavour. A mature tree can produce many hundreds of fruits in a season. 

The plants are either male or female, and we recommend 3-5 plants to ensure good pollination. Our plants are seed grown and are therefore unsexed, and fruiting should begin in two to three years. 

Oakleaf Papaya is one of the more cold-hardy varieties of the Papaya species we can grow in Aotearoa; it can tolerate mild frosts when established but will need protection when younger. Ideally it still prefers a warm, sheltered, frost-free spot. It needs protection from strong winds to prevent branches from being broken.

Oakleaf Papaya does not have high fertiliser or water needs but it does require good drainage and it doesn't like having wet feet. It is a good plant for a food forest and can handle full sun or part shade.

Size 1.3L

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