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Okinawa spinach

Gynura bicolor

A native to Southeast Asia, this cancer-fighting plant is used extensively both as medicine and food in Chinese culture, and is one of our favourite greens for regular use in meals. It is succulent and juicy, and has a flavour reminiscent of carrots and parsley, with a hint of pine.


A member of the Asteraceae family, it is rich in iron and potassium, calcium, vitamin A and other minerals. It is a very versatile plant, and can be eaten raw in a salad-bringing a beautiful splash of purple, lightly sautéed or mixed into any cooked meal.


Okinawa spinach can be kept small and bushy if harvested frequently, or if left to grow it tends to sprawl and cover a larger area. Either way it is a prolific plant requiring little care, although a seasonal pruning can help promote fresh growth, and a annual feed of compost will keep plants productive. If protected from frosts fresh leaves can be produced year round. It can live for a number of years, and although it flowers here in NZ it does not set viable seed. 


Size: 10cm Pot

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