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Solanum muricatum

Native to South America, this small shrub is a member of the Nightshade family and is grown for its edible fruits. When fully ripe the fruit tastes sweet and delicious, similar to a rock melon. The fruits can also be used as a vegetable when still green, cooked like you would a capsicum in stirfries and added to soups.


The plant can handle semi-shade or full sun but doesn't like frost. It grows well in a pot or hanging basket, or it can be trained to grow up a trellis. It is susceptible to slugs and snails so keeping the fruit off the ground is a good idea. If kept in a warm frost free spot it can fruit year round.


The pepino is a low maintenance plant but it responds well to fertilizer and watering. It is fast growing and can fruit within a few months of planting.


Size: 10cm Pot

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