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Red Mountain Papaya

Vasconcellea Spp.

This is another hybrid member of the Vasconcellea genus, we believe it to be a cross between Vasconcellea goudotiana and another species. It is larger and more vigorous than many other papaya species.

The fruit are smaller and are a bright pink or red colour, they are formed on short stalks right off the main trunk. It is the pulp of the fruit that is eaten, it has a sweet taste with a tangy and unique flavor. One of the best tasting papaya types that grows in NZ.


It has similar growth and care requirements to other papaya species, needing good drainage and preferring a warm, sheltered, frost free spot. It appears to be self fertile but would probably benefit from another papaya type for pollination, such as a Babaco, Mountain Papaya, Oak Leaf Papaya or similar.

Size: 1.3L

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