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Red Pineapple

Anana bracteatus

Related to the pineapples you find in the supermarket, but more cold-hardy and faster growing in our climate. It is a bromeliad, and multiplies by producing new pups which will each eventually form a pineapple. A mature patch can grow to cover a few square metres and can produce a number of pineapples every year.


It can fruit in any season, but fruit produced in summer are the sweetest. Fruit are best when left to fully ripen on the plant. They are ready when the skin changes colour from red to white, and when they start to put out a delicious pineapple smell. A plant will usually begin fruiting after 3-4 years, and can live for many years.

Easy to care for, it does not need much water or fertilizer, but it is intolerant of wet soil, and needs lots of sunshine to ripen its fruit well. It can survive light frosts, but ideally should be protected to prevent damage to the leaves.


We currently have two different grades available, the larger plants should begin fruiting sooner. 


Size: 1.3L

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