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Rocoto Chilli

Capsicum pubescens

Rocoto Chilli is a perennial chilli native to Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, and has been grown since Incan times. It can live for more than 10 years, producing abundant fruit year after year, and will fruit in its first year.


The fruit can be eaten green when they are mildly spicy, or if you wait until they are fully red they become very hot.


It is hardy and handles light frosts. It can handle dry soil and low fertility, but doesn’t do well in wet soil. It likes full sun or part shade. If grown in full sun it forms a small bush 50cm high; if grown in a food forest situation it becomes a climber and can reach 5 metres if left unpruned.


A great, low maintenance plant for the food forest. 


Size: 10cm Pot

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