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Sugar Cane

Saccarum officinarum

This well known member of the grass family is responsible for producing 80% of the worlds sugar, and it grows well in the warmer parts of the country.


The canes can be juiced, dried to a powder, or chewed as a tasty snack. It can grow 2-3 meters high and produces edible canes in its first year.


Plants will put up multiple canes throughout the warmer months, and older canes are harvested when they reach a good size. Frequent harvesting and removal of old leaves encourages faster growth, but young shoots should be left to grow new canes.

A great fast growing biomass plant for the food forest, it can also be used as an effective windbreak.


Sugarcane is tolerant of wet and dry soils, and can handle low fertility, but it needs a warm frost free spot to do well.



Size: 1.3L

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