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Solanum betaceum

A fairly well known fruit in Aotearoa, tamarillos grow well in warmer parts of the country where they can be protected from heavy frosts. The small tree lives for about 7-10 years and will fruit from the second year. The fruit has a unique, intense flavour that is tangy and sweet.


It prefers shelter and free-draining fertile soil, good amounts of moisture and is somewhat susceptible to pests and diseases, but we find that if it is planted as part of a diverse food forest system it stays healthy and productive, even on heavy clay.


It prefers part shade but can tolerate full sun, and is a great tree to grow next to slower growing fruit trees when establishing a food forest, as it will provide fast shelter and a good supply of fruit in the early years. Then in 5-10 years when the slower trees are growing larger and need more space and sunshine, the tamarillo is slowing down in production and can be cut back or taken out of the system altogether.

Size: 1.3L

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