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Tropical Apricot

Dovyalis abyssinica x Dovyalis hebecarpa

Also known as the Ketcot, this interesting fruit is from the same family as the Kei apple, and is a hybrid which arose naturally in Florida.


It is a dense, small tree with a small number of large thorns. It has sprawling, vigorous growth, -up to 2 metres a year with good conditions, and is self-fertile. It is hardy through light frosts, tolerant of many soils, and wind-hardy. It grows in full sun or semi-shade.


It has tart fruit with a flavour reminiscent of apricots but more sour, which some people enjoy off the tree, but which can be used to make chutney or jam, brandy, wine, cocktails or liqueur and sauces for meat or ice cream amongst other things. The fruit is seedless and beneath its velvety skin it has juicy flesh with red-orange pulp which is very rich in vitamin C.


When mature trees can fruit prolifically throughout the year.


Size: 1.3L

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