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Vanilla Passionfruit

Passiflora antioquiensis

A species of passionfruit native to Colombia with beautiful, bright red flowers. It has similar looking leaves and fruit to the wild banana passionfruit, but it is far less vigorous. The fruit are sweet and mild with a subtle but delicious vanilla flavour, without as much tang as the common purple passionfruit (Passiflora edulis).

The vines are frost-tender, and need a trellis or tree to climb up. We have a plant that has been happily climbing up the side of a tōtara tree on the edge of our food forest for a number of years now. Plants are happiest in full sun or partial shade, with their roots in partial shade, and in free-draining soil.

They are supposed to fruit in late summer/early autumn but ours seem to fruit randomly throughout the year, often flowering and fruiting simultaneously. Plants are self fertile and should begin fruiting within two years.

Size 1.3L

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