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Vetiver Grass

Chrysopogon zizanioides

A clumping grass native to India, which has a number of uses in Permaculture systems. It grows to 1.5m tall, or taller under good conditions. It does not spread or set viable seed. It is often used for erosion control due to its large, fibrous root system, and if planted closely on contour, (5 plants per metre), it can form a solid hedge, creating terraces over time through the build up of organic matter and soil.


It can be used as a biomass producing plant, and can be cut multiple times a year under good conditions. The cut foliage is high in carbon and makes a good mulch for fruit trees, and can also be used as animal fodder.


It is used in riparian planting, for its soil-stabilizing effects but also for its ability to prevent nutrient runoff. For this reason it is also planted on septic leach fields and used for filtering dairy effluent. The foliage will be damaged in light frosts but plants will re-grow from the base.

Despite its reputation as a miracle plant, we have found that vetiver does not actually perform very well for us here in inland northland. It is a plant of the tropics, and needs a much warmer climate to live up to its hype. We have included it in our catalogue because we have seen it growing well in warmer locations, and we believe it has good potential in the far North, and in warm coastal areas further South. If you live in a colder part of the country we would not recommend growing vetiver.


Size: 10cm Pot

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