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White Sapote

Casimiroa edulis

White Sapote is a native of Mexico and South America which is slow growing at first, but eventually grows into a large spreading evergreen tree 5-10+ metres tall. It can be kept at a more manageable size through regular pruning.


The fruit are produced in winter, and have a smooth, creamy flesh with a flavour that is sweet and rich and delicious. A mature tree can produce huge numbers of fruit and although they can be self-fertile we recommend two trees for pollination.


White Sapote prefers a good rich soil but will tolerate poorer soils. It can handle periods of drought due to its large root system. It is generally an easy care tree, without many pests or diseases, although possums love the fruit. They can handle light frosts once established.

These are un-grafted, seed-grown trees so they do have natural seedling variability, meaning the fruit can be different to that of the parent tree, and they may take longer to fruit than a grafted tree would, but in our experience seedling white sapote trees still produce delicious fruit and are healthier trees in the long run. We chose trees with good quality fruit to grow our trees from. They should begin fruiting around 8 years.

Size: 1.3L

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