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Yellow Cherry Guava

Psidium cattleianum

A shrub or small tree, growing to 6m or more over many years. Native to brazil, and also known as Cattley Guava or Strawberry Guava.

The fruit are usually around 2cm but the tree we have propagated from produces larger fruit around 6cm diameter, and so far the seedlings we have grown have also had these larger fruit. The fruit from the yellow species have a sweetener creamier flavor and are less acidic than the red. It can fruit from it’s second year, even when plants are quite small. Fruits are produced in winter and plants are self fertile.

One of the most cold hardy of the fruiting guavas that can be grown in Aotearoa, second only to Feijoa in its range. It will grow throughout most of the north island and warmer areas of the south if adequate protection is provided.

A hardy and low maintenance plant, it will grow and produce well on a range of soils and without much care but it also responds well to fertiliser. Tolerant of light-medium frosts once established. It can fruit well in partial shade so it is a good plant for the understory of a food forest, and its bushy growth and wind tolerance makes it a good plant for hedging. Also tolerant of coastal conditions.


Please note this tree is banned in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland so we are unable to send plants to this region.

Size: 1.3L

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